I was born 13 April 1943 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where I still live. I was married to Liz and we have one son, Esra. My father and grandfather were well-known painters; my mother was a translator and a writer. I did some acting, and I studied psychology at the Amsterdam University but since 1967, when the beginnings of my careers as a journalist and a novelist coincided, I have always been a professional writer.
    My novels have been translated into sixteen languages, and five of them have been turned into films. One of these, 'Spoorloos', for which I wrote the screenplay, based on my own novel Het Gouden Ei, was Best Dutch Film in 1988, and is still widely shown in the US as 'The Vanishing'. In 1993, it was remade there, also under the title 'The Vanishing.' Not as good as the Dutch one.
    Apart from my novels, short stories and journalistic work, I have written many articles and a few books on bicycle racing and on chess. From 1967-1972, I was among Holland's best twenty chess players, but never among the best ten. From 1973-1980, I raced. I composed some chess problems and studies, and in June 1998 I started my chess Website Chess Curiosities

Books: (since 1978 with publisher Prometheus/Bert Bakker.)
-- De werkelijke moord op Kitty Duisenberg (1967, novel.)
-- Flanagan of het einde van een beest (1970, novel.)
-- 15 goede gedichten (1973, poetry.)
-- Red Desert Penitentiary (1975, novel.)
-- De Stad in het Midden (1978, short stories.)
-- De Renner (1978, novel.)
-- 43 Wielerverhalen (1984, short stories.)
-- Het Gouden Ei (1984, novel.)
-- De Matador (1991, short stories.)
-- Vertraging (1994, novel.)
-- De Paardentekenaar (1995, short stories.)
-- De Grot (1997, novel.)
-- Kathy's Dochter (2002, novel.)
-- Drie Slechte Schaatsers (2004, novella)
-- Een goede dag voor de Ezel (2005, roman)
-- Marte Jacobs (2007, novel)

English translations (since 2001, with Bloomsbury):
-- The Cave (2001; De Grot)
-- The Rider (2002; De Renner)
-- The Vanishing (2003; Het Gouden Ei)
-- Delay (2005; Vertraging)

Chess books:
-- Fischer (1972, with Timman and Münninghoff)
-- Schaakkuriosa (1974)
-- Nieuwe schaakkuriosa (1977)
-- Chess Curiosities (1985, English;)
-- Schach-Besonderheiten (1987, German; translation of Chess Curiosities)
-- De Man die de Babson Task wilde maken (1986, chess-essay.)

Contributed to many major Dutch periodicals, such as: Vrij Nederland, Haagse Post, De Tijd, NRC/Handelsblad, Parool, Playboy, Elseviers Magazine, HUMO, Intermagazine, Esquire.

1975: Flanagan, director Adriaan Ditvoorst.
1983: De Paardentekenaar, director Thijs Chanowski.
1984: Red Desert Penitentiary, director George Sluizer.
1988: Spoorloos, director George Sluizer (based on Het Gouden Ei)
1993: The Vanishing, director George Sluizer (based on Het Gouden Ei)
2001: De Grot, director Martin Koolhoven.

1987: Spoorloos, based on Het Gouden Ei.
1998: De Grot, based on De Grot.

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