Below, you will find Chess Tutor, an on-line PGN viewer. If you have a little patience while it's loading (but it only seems to work in Explorer), you can view the games in 16 gamefiles. Some of these files go with the stories on my site, others are supposed to be interesting in themselves. You can download these files in zipped form.
    Chess Tutor is pretty straightforward: choose a game in the large window, click it (once is enough) and when you're through with it, press the X to choose a new one, or a new PGN-file in the small window. The size of the board is adjustable.

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Name in  
Chess Tutor
Description (links are to stories.) 
great110.pgn The 110 Greatest Moves ever played (default).
minor.pgn Promotion to Rook and Bishop in games
curio.pgn Over 250 unusual, funny and beautiful games.
classic1.pgn Classic and great games 1790 - 1920   
classic2.pgn 1921 - 1945   
classic3.pgn 1946 - 1965  
classic4.pgn 1966 - 1985   
classic5.pgn 1986 - 2000  Up to Shirov - Short, Las Vegas 8.9.1999  
  The five classics files in one
pmorphy.pgn Morphy's 59 serious games. See The Full Morphy
morphy.pgn All of Morphy's 415 known games.
lond1851.pgn London 1851; the first international tournament. All 84 games 'historically correct'; in some games Black begins.
ny1857.pgn New York 1857; the first American Chess Congress and championship. 68 of the 73 games.
kasparov.pgn Kasparov on ICC - as Dahlia, Yotam and Vadik.
Read the story on the ICC site.
wojcie.pgn Eight games by Antoni Wojciechowski - See story
resign.pgn The ultimate blunder - See story
illustr.pgn Games, endgame studies, problems, positions illustrating stories.

A note on the format of the games.
As Chess Tutor needs long notation, that is how I put most games in the PGN-viewer. In the zipped download files however, they are in standard (short) PGN. Most chess databases and converting programs will be able to handle this, but with the FEN-notation (for positions and odds games); games of over 100 moves, and an occasional comment between {}, it might be different. You may have to check for these first, and perhaps edit a PGN-file before you can use it. They are simple text files, but be sure to save them as plain ASCII. Comments are always welcome.

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